Revstart, Sector 125 (8 Seater)

  • Discounted
  • Price per seat Rs. 250.00 per person (entire day)

This is an 8 seater cabin; Minimum booking charges: of 4 people; 
You will be required to enter the number of people at the cart page for the final booking amount.

 No of people Price (Exc taxes)
1 or 4 1000
5 1250
6 1500
7 1750
8 2000


Customer Reviews

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Anubhav Srivastav
Bad service

I booked a flexicabin at Revstart via MyHQ and it was a very bad experience for us. Both MyHQ and Revstart are responsible for this.
1. The pictures on MyHQ look great but those rooms are not operational. As per Revstart, they have already informed MyHQ but still MyHQ accepts bookings for those rooms
2. As per Revstart, they did not have confirmed communication from MyHQ for our booking.
3. Because of 1 and 2, Revstart gave us a shabby space to sit in and do our meetings. Thankfully, it was not a customer meeting so we somehow managed.
4. The Wifi was pretty bad and not much work could be accomplished.
5. No cafeteria space to sit and eat your own lunch.
6. The whole setup is mostly non-operational so dont go there without physically checking it once.

MyHQ should refund my money for the bad experience.